The alpha B-3 system incorporates 2 x 18" PWH – Planar Waveguide™ technology (patented) sub woofers. The patent specification defines "PWH" as Planar Waveguide with a Helmholtz resonator, placed inside the wave guide. The 6 to 7 dB gain in the SPL of low-frequencies results from the relation between the resonance of the waveguide and that of the Helmholtz resonator. The PWH sub woofers' construction additionally limits the cone's excursion, guaranteeing truly faithful impulse reproduction, excellent dynamic capabilities, very low distortion, and continuous reliable operation. alpha B-3 systems provide extraordinary directivity in the low-frequency range down to 35 Hz, combining the advantages of direct-radiating and horn-loaded system principles. The unique PWH-design makes the B-3 system superior to any conventional sub woofer-design..

SD 18 PRO (2 x 18” Baßreflex)*

alpha B-3 (2 x 18” Planar Waveguide Horn)*

4 x alpha B-3 (stacked)*

* Ground-Plane-Measurement-Method, measuring distance 5m on axis, measurement calculated to 1m (UKL = 2,83V)

alpha B-3 by Dynacord.
Planar Waveguide Subwoofer. Designed for extreme sub-sonic SPL. Sound Pressure Level – literally: sensible, impulsive, shattering.